A Letter From the President

Design by James Reynolds








Since ROCSPOT’s inception in November 2014, we have achieved a number of significant milestones.

  • We have assisted 514 households investigate rooftop solar, with 54 signing contracts for silicon panels installed on their roofs.
  • We have created and promulgated the previously unheard of concept that our City can get to 100% renewable energy by 2025, and committed to 540 MW of installed solar to help meet that goal.
  • We are facilitating 16 MW of Community Solar installed by the end of 2017 with our partners at the Rocky Mountain Institute and the City of Rochester.


The core strengths of ROCSPOT are education, community engagement, and risk mitigation.


ROCSPOT will become a worker-owned cooperative and will grow in four stages that leverage lessons from other successful organizations with similar objectives, as described below:

    1. Strategic planning: internal research into the specifics of our transitional situation, worker ownership succession options workshop (for owner and their leadership team), initial owner conversation with employees, Worker Co-op 101 workshop for the employees, owner and workers decide to move forward, select steering committee, contact outside transition support team.
    2. Employee training and business valuation: financial training for employees, business and industry training, cooperative training for employees, business valuation process, determine financing options, review and revise the current business plan.
    3. Establishment of operating structures: document current management plan, draft cooperative by-laws, define post-transition management.
    4. Finalization of transition: transfer business ownership, negotiate final price, seek financing, complete the transaction, elect a new board, and transfer management as necessary.

This staged growth will help us organically build a successful worker-owned co-op that achieves our 540 MW plan and reaffirms ROCSPOT as a valued partner in the solar industry. There will be increasing updates and concrete actions as we move through this process, stay with us, and stay tuned as we continue our mission of providing affordable, equitable, renewable energy and energy efficiency for all!



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