Today, We Celebrate Energy Independence!

Friends, Family, and Supporters of ICOG and ROCSPOT,

In this time of great uncertainty, we have weathered many tests and experienced many joyful moments of experimentation and exploration.

Through these trials and successes, we are proud to say we have evolved.

We recognize it is time for a radical change in our power infrastructure as defined by energy generation, energy efficiency, and energy resiliency.

With this goal that we have formed a Resilient Energy Cooperative to power the needs of our collective future.

We have defined and created partnerships between:

  • ROCSPOT and Dr. Susan Spencer, one of Rochester’s leading technologists and a scientist business-woman
  • ICOG and Jacob Deyo, one of the city’s best and brightest futurists, urban planners, and builders
  • Multiple highly experienced solar installers

Thanks to these partnerships, we have greatly expanded our capability while drastically sharpening our focus. We provide our clients with green power while lowering their energy bills. We serve all levels of energy users from Municipalities to Individuals, and Non-profits to Industries.

Our Resilient Energy program can provide you with the power to control your energy future. Our companies and the individuals who run them have been building a community for change for almost five years, with combined experience of two decades. Through your support, we have accomplished much but we are just getting started.  We have secured, revitalized and are powering a fully functional workshop/warehouse, we have analyzed our systems, and we have secured tools and equipment to ready multiple simultaneous infrastructure deployments

Now, it is time to take this energy Revolution to the next level. If you want to power your home, business, church or community space with solar power and take control of your energy systems, then contact Jacob, Susan, or Tonya and we will find the solution that is best for you. Include Resilient Energy in the subject line and we will fast track you to our early adopter program!!

For potential investors, our seed stage and start-up stage investment opportunities have already been secured, but there are expansion and bridge stage investment opportunities available in the next quarter. If you are an interested investor, please contact Susan.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to providing you with Resilient Energy solutions.